Tragedy and Sadness

Sudden death is difficult and the death of Julie's father was tragic. We shared her sorrow. He had not been ill, but death removed him from his family. Julie is the youngest in her family and was the first Mama to come as a volunteer to care for our girls in 2006. She has remained with us and is a source of strength for our children. She is loved by all.

Our love was shown to Juliette as 23 of our children, 5 staff and myself traveled in a rickety mini bus for two hours over impossible roads and log bridges. We then climbed down a steep mountain and up another on foot to be there with her as her family at Urukundo. We are blessed that the Lord Jesus has placed her in our lives.


Wooden box lowered into the grave site in the back yard of the home of the family.


Julie's mother placing a handful of earth on her husbands grave.