The Latest on Claudine

I'm keeping you current as to where your prayers and thoughts are needed.

I received a call on Friday, September 25th to have Claudine at King Faisal Hospital at 9:30 Sunday morning. No details, just be there. I was so excited because this means she is being considered by the team of Heart specialists from Australia for surgery to close the hole in her heart. I was sure they would not have called if this were not so.
Our visit to the hospital on Sunday Sept 27 was a Preliminary visit.

Claudine was seen by three doctors who examined her from head to toe to heart. They then ordered blood work done and said we would hear from them the first week in November as the team would arrive November 11th. I am guessing that is a “YES”. The doctors said there are two options to fix the hole that should have closed at birth.

The two possibilities:
1. They will go in with a catheter and fix the hole or
2. They will do an incision.

This will be determined after a study of the ultra sound and blood work is completed. The one that is safest for Claudine will be chosen.

I expected her to scream when the blood work was done but not so. That dear child cried when they inserted the needle in her tiny hand and then sat quietly in my arms while they pumped her hand to get blood flow. Most of the terror for babies and small children is seeing the nurses in white and the needle and blood. That is frightening but Claudine’s vision is not that good yet, so she was not afraid.

Her eyes are now clearer as the film of white cataracts is gone.


We are seeing progress as she heals. She looks away from bright lights and responds to me before I speak, telling me that she can see my features and knows it is me. She is sitting up by herself and sitting alone for a longer time without falling over. She follows the spoon and cup when being fed and is making baby sounds. She does not grasp objects yet, but does pull her socks off.

I am encouraged and I know she will continue to improve. We need a good therapist to help strengthen her legs and hands.