Visitors for July, 2009

Cortney Bower

Cortney Bower from Saint Johns/Newberry, Williamsport Pa. (my home church) a second year nursing student spent a month helping out at the clinic. Cortney, Brittney(a two month visitor) and Bridget (pictured below) did an inventory of all new medicines and spent time sorting Band Aids and placing them in boxes to make life easier for me. She helped serving meals, reading to and with the kids and playing Volley Ball until the poles broke and basket ball. She can pump up a basket ball without breaking the needle. Sounds simple but believe me it is not. I enjoyed Cortney’s visit very much.


Bridget Campbell from Liberty Bible Church, Liberty, Pa joined us for two weeks. Helping in the clinic, teaching English to the kids, and helping where ever she was needed. She and Cortney worked as a team while they were here. I learned about a sugar bandage from Bridget. It really works.

People to People delegation

People to People Delegation

Doctor with People to People Checks out Claudine

Doctor with People to People Checks out Claudine