The Mountain

It is still part of the vision to build schools that will aid the poor in the neighborhood and our own children. We have the land for the Day Care Center and Kindergarten. The land for the Primary school is on the mountain. That land is needed to complete the vision. It does not belong to Urukundo Village.
The talk at the present time is that a big hotel will be built on the top of my mountain. This makes no sense to me as our Urukundo Village sets between the main road and the site designated for the hotel. “God in Charge”

The Mountain

I can not visualize a hotel on this land.

Preparing for the future we, with the help of a team from Bloomsburg, have constructed a fence to separate the Soccer field from the road that will be used to build that hotel.

The fence

The road is a public road so we can not block it as we did the road next to the boy’s home. The openings in the wall will have metal but for now it looks ok and is protection. There will be a gate leading into the village. One day it will have a sign that says “Urukundo Village.”