At the Farm

Building with mud bricks

Building with mud bricks

Progress is slow but the animals don’t seem to mind.


Cows and Sheep roam the hills together

Baby Turkeys

Our first baby turkeys
Cute and little. I am told they grow fast.
I thank John for caring for our animals on his farm.

It is good to have a caretaker and pasture for our cows and Turkeys without taking play area from our kids in the village. Urukundo does supply a supplement to John's grass land for food and care of our animals.
Animals need more than just pasture. They need salt and mash etc.
We have one milk producing cow at the village. The milk from this cow (Dolly) takes care of the babies and those who require milk in their diet for health reasons.
Counting Dolly we have we have 4 cows. At the farm we have a 7 month pregnant cow named Pansy. Her baby will make number 5. We are hoping for a girl calf. We have a one year old calf, and a one 5 month old calf, all females. We hope soon to have enough fresh milk and butter for all the kids and some to sell.
I am learning a lot about the care and feeding of livestock.
In the long run it benefits our kids.
We now have our own milk, eggs, and limited meat.