The Urukundo Farm

John has acquired a piece of land in another location and we are moving part of our farm from the village to that new location. This will give us more land at the village to develop for housing and schools. The chicken farm will remain where it is but the cows, turkeys, goats and sheep and larger animals will move to John’s location. There is just not enough ground in our village to expand or to allow for grazing animals and so another location is necessary. This allows John to own and develop a land and home for his children while working with Urukundo Village. There is just not enough ground in the Urukundo Village to expand for animals and John has agreed to grazing and caring for our animals. John has not given the farm a name yet maybe "Urukundo Land of Joy farm". Hokey???

This location will also one day be the new 'Home for widows with no means of support". This is John’s vision fulfilling his dream to repay the women who sheltered him in his youth. The new area is in Inyanza, South Province and is about an hours drive from the village also in South Province. Pray for this to be a wise move. My prayer is for wisdom all the time. “God in Charge.”

Grazing for the cows. This farm is part of our commitment to serve the Lord and his children.

Our own source of water at the farm. Further development is needed. Water on our property is a pure gift from God.

Support for the farm can be designated as "farm development" through Pay Pal on the web site or a check to Hope Made Real, Pittsburg address OR Saint Johns/Newberry.