Greetings from Mama Arlene for June, 2009

Greetings from Urukundo Village. June has been a wonderful month. We have had 19 volunteers arrive ready to work. Vacations have started and so our volunteers come and they are most welcome. They came one at a time and stay for as long as they can be here. Some come for two weeks, others for as much as 3 months. Two others for two days and 3 came for just an afternoon. All are appreciated.
We welcomed a team of 9 from Bloomsburg, PA for 10 days. We put them to work along with our other volunteers playing baseball, soccer and other sports with the kids, working with the babies, teaching bible study, speaking in worship, helping with laundry, cooking and cleaning, building a retaining and divider wall around the village. One visitor is teaching Taekwondo, two others English as a second Language, another Piano, and yet another is teaching Guitar. A nurse came and worked in the clinic for several days. So the activities have been wonderful and are many.
Our visitors visited the Genocide Center in Kigali, Kings Palace in Inyanza, The Natural History Museum in Butare and the Farm at Inyanza. It truly has been a good month.