A New Child is Rescued

Mama Arlene with Sarah Mama Arlene with Sarah

While walking to work early in the morning on May 20th, a man heard a strange sound coming from a falling down mud house in a deserted area. He listened and heard it again. It was a very weak cry from a hurt animal, or so he thought. He walked to the door of the dilapidated mud house and peered in. There on the floor lay a tiny naked baby. He picked up the child, wrapped it in his shirt, and went to the nearest cell leader. The cell leader then took the baby to Alyce, Vise Mayor of Gender & Family for the District.

Alyce called us. In this district, we alone will accept these throw away babies. Thank God we are here. The baby is beautiful and may be about 5 days old.

Yes we have a baby girl. Claudine, David, Johnny and Lake now share the nursery with this little gift from God. She has quite a family: 40 in all plus the mamas. She will share the love and space.

We have named her name Sarah. The nursery needs to expand. We need to expand so that these children are not lost. What can you do to help?