Meet Molly Treynor

Molly Treynor

Molly Treynor from Maumee, Ohio arrived in early January. Molly is a retired University Professor. Specializing in Counseling. Her commitment was to work as long-term volunteer and that has not changed. She has been with us for four months and she is now a part of the Urukundo Family. Our kids love Molly and her teasing and fun ways. She says that her first love was Baby David as he was part of the reason she decided to come back and work when she first visited the village as a delegate with People to People. She now is dedicated to all four babies. David, Laki, Claudine and John. She plans to be an ambassador for Urukundo Kids back home in Ohio.  She hates leaving them but admits she is homesick.  We will miss her a lot and look forward to her return.Safe travel Molly.