An Update on Claudine

Our little girl is improving and that makes me happy. Thanks to a money gift from a partner in the U.S. we are able to purchase new born diapers (Pamper type) for her. They are still too big, but we are encouraged. Claudine is eating well and in the first three weeks has gained 4 pounds of body weight. She responds to voices, laughs out loud, looks toward the sound of my voice and smiles with a giggle. She holds her head up. She kicks her legs and lying on her stomach comes up on her knees and pushes. She moves around in her bed. This may not sound exciting for a two-year-old child but Claudine could not move at all when she came to live with us. She had no strength in her arms and legs. She is a special child.

Claudine – the first day
Claudine the first day

Claudine Now
Claudine now