God in Charge, Sends Us a New Challenge

A new child has come into our lives. Her name is Claudine. In my arms and in my heart I carry this little girl.

Mama Arlene and Claudine Mama Arlene and Claudine

Claudine is two years old and appears to be 4 months old in development. She may weigh 15 lbs. This precious child suffers from starvation, scabies, God only knows what else, and is blind. She has cataracts over both eyes. She is an abandoned child needing what we have to give.

Doctor Petre an ophthalmologist from Sweden working at Kabgayi Hospital, a volunteer from his country, called and asked us to help.

He will do surgery on the eyes but in her condition now she would not survive anesthesia. His question was “will you take her for at least 3 months and see if you can restore her to health. He also said, “She will have vision after the surgery”. Praise God.

We could not say no and so she is now part of the family.

She will have special needs and special foods and a mama to care for her.  Do we need help?  Yes we do.  We especially need your thoughts and prayers.

We have sent her to the general hospital with Dr. Petre for tests to be sure she has no infectious diseases that we can not treat and if tests prove we can care for her she will come home in a few days to much “LOVE” at Urukundo Home for Children. The children did not want us to take her away even for a little while. We know she will come home soon. God willing. Please pray for this 2 year old infant.