Christmas Day

Each of the children received a t-shirt, song book and bible.
Kinyarwanda bibles and song books Lilliane and Salonge asked for English bibles and received them.
Becky assisted mama in giving gifts.
Lilliane, Florentine and Deborah Presented a cultural dance.
The boys did their part - Tresor, Emmanuel, Abis.
First and foremost we thank God for his son Jesus whose birthday we celebrate.

It was a day of joy and celebration. The program put on by the children was special and all our visitors were welcomed.
Visitors Tom and Pastor Sharon presented the children with a DVD player, Miceala gave them a basket ball, Karen and Becky brought lollipops with gum inside and Talia from Bloomsburg sent chocolate bells for all the kids. Chocolate is a special treat here. Thank you Talia.
Staff received song books for worship and a gift of Amafranga (money).
John gave us a goat from his farm and so there was meat for dinner and the cooks outdid themselves with a fresh fruit mix (fruit cocktail in America), fresh peas and carrots and a cucumber and onion salad all from our garden. It was wonderful. We praised God for our bounty and for each other.