Update on Claudine

This has been a glorious month. Claudine's vision is improving and her eyes are bright with recognition. Praise God.
This picture was taken in her hospital crib before her heart repair surgery. She won the hearts of the surgical team from Australia and hospital staff. They have asked to see her when they return next year.
The pink lion is a gift from Louisa, our friend from the UK who works in the Government Offices and visits Urukundo every weekend.


Claudine after surgery

After surgery

Claudine, Divine and Mama

My helper, Divine, at the hospital taking care of both me and Claudine. We are blessed.

Claudine and Lou Lou Lion

Lou Lou Lion and Claudine

Claudine spent the first week after surgery sleeping with me in my room to be sure she was ok and now she is back in her own crib with the other babies.