Greetings from Mama Arlene for November, 2009

The month of Thanksgiving is here and Urukundo and I have so much to be thankful for. We are counting our blessings (42 children) and are thankful to our Lord for each of those blessings. I thank you for you have been faithful in supporting this ministry. That support not only feeds and cares for the children who live in our village but provides education for the very poor, vulnerable children throughout the region. A donation of just $15 makes a big difference.
Yes, $15 allows us to provide the necessary items needed for a child to receive an education and a better start for a promising future. If you are able to, please consider adding an extra dollar ($16), since prices have gone up in Rwanda, like the rest of the world.
Last year we were able to provide educational scholarships for 329 impoverished children giving them hope in Kigali and South Province.
This year we are nowhere near our goal - yet.

Don't delay, do it today! Make a difference in our world - yours, mine and the children in Rwanda.

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