We Sent 250 Children to School in 2008Can We Send 300 Children in 2009?

(Aline and Natete enjoying biscuits and tea outside the office in the morning.)

It only costs $15 to send a child to school in Rwanda. No matter how many times I hear that, it is always staggering to me. $15 is so little compared to the impact of an education on a child.

We fund the education of children both inside Urukundo Village and in the larger community. In late 2007, you proudly gave scholarships to 250 children who otherwise would not have been able to go to school and those children have had the benefit of schooling. If you sponsored a child last year, please think about renewing your scholarship gift again this year and perhaps an additional child if you can afford it. For 2009, let's aim for 300 children, 50 more than last year.

Please make sure your scholarship reaches Hope Made Real by December 1st. Thank you again for all you have done.