Our Visitors in July from Pennsylvania, Vermont, and the United States Senate

We would like to thank our fantastic visitors in July from Pennsylvania, Rev. David Shultz and his son Chad, and our hard-working visitors from Vermont, counsins Kyle Arnold and Olivia Shumlin.  They worked very hard and made a real difference while they were here.  Check out the picture gallery to see their work on the girl's home and a road for the village.


A Visit From Three US Senators

We were honored to meet with Senators Tom Daschle, Mike Huckabee, and Bill Frist.  Unfortunately, we did not have a camera on hand, but I was able to have conversation with all three Senators on a one-on-one basis and to tell them about Urukundo Home for Children and give them the business card for Hope Made Real.  I do not know what will come of this, but it was good to meet with them.