Farming and Weather

The weather continues to be unpredictable in Rwanda.  It is unusual to have rain in July, but it is happening. I am looking forward to September when we will plant our first real garden on our own land.  How wonderful. The land is cleared, leveled and is getting filled.  It will take a lot more fill before it is ready for planting but the soil is rich.

Half of it will be American and the rest Rwandan. We have seeds from America and are going to experiment with them. Lettuce, radishes, peas, carrots, cucumbers, squash, etc. This month, August, I will start tomato and pepper plants. Three months from planting to harvest does not seem like enough time for these vegetables to mature. We’ll see. The best part of all this gardening is I can supervise but fortunately don’t have to do the work nor pull weeds.

Donna Doutt, Presbytery Kiskiminetas, from Yatesboro, Pennsylvania is sending us Mammoth Russian Sun Flower seeds to experiment with. These flowers could give us chicken feed.  Whether a success or a failure, I will send you pictures so you can see how our experiment goes.  This work really is fueled by your ideas and efforts, so our thanks is extended to Donna and all others for their great work.