Our first Scholarships for 2009

I am preparing an end of the year report and will send that progress report in January 2009, but for now December has been a wonderful month at Urukundo village.


We are able to award sponsorships for education in a new neighborhood of children.

Johnny, a youth leader in our area and two mothers receiving the scholarship gift. 26 kids in this poor community will attend primary school 2009. We are making a difference.

We are very close to reaching our goal of 300 orphans and poor children living in South Province and Kigali City. I am sure those gifts are on the way. I will be pleased to announce our success in the progress report in January which should be finished soon.

We have posted many pictures on the web site. These kids are a few more and the caregiver from Mpushi who loves them.

I do want to thank everyone who opened their hearts and gave so that these children and others will have an education. The Spirit of Christmas was evident as many gave education gifts to our children as a gift to honor family members and friends.

This is one grateful mama.