Scholarship Fund Reaches 127 (only 173 more to our goal)

This project is a perfect example of how so little can go incredibly far in Rwanda.

A $15 donation covers one child for an entire year including: school fees, a uniform, shoes, a backpack, pencils, and notebooks.  All of this is purchased for only $15.  (and note that Hope Made Real, as a volunteer organization, passes on 100% of the donation.)

Our goal was to send 300 children to school for 2009 and I'm proud to say we've so far raised scholarships for 127 children!

Our Goal for 2009: 300

Scholarships given in 2008: 240

Number of gifts to date: 127

Scholarships not yet funded: 173

To help you see the amazing impact you are having, we thought we would share with you the faces and names of 75 of the children who will have the benefit of an education in 2009.


Your gift can make a difference in the lives of these children and more. Send your gift, online donation or mail to:


Hope Made Real
Dr. Patricia Brown Tres.
301 Overdale Road
Pittsburgh Pa. 15221