Our 40th Child Joins Urukundo Village

On November 18th, we were blessed with a new baby boy. He arrived to us with no last name, no birth date, no history.  He is an abandoned baby.     

His name is Laki (pronounced Lucky). He is a real cutie.  We think he is about 1 year, 8 months old. (We are judging this by his teeth development.)  He is a dear little boy but needs a lot of love and care and special feeding as malnutrition has done some damage.  The strange hair and puffy face are signs of malnutrition.  Check back next month for a picture that should hopefully see a great improvement.  David, our first abandoned baby, now has a playmate, and Laki now has a family.

We are expecting an abandoned two-month-old girl next week.  After that, we will be able to accept one more baby, boy or girl.  We must limit the babies we can help to four until we know we have the resources to care for more.  Please donate if you can.  Your prayers and hopes are appreciated.