David at 4 Months Old

David is now 4 months old. His eyes are bright and he now weight 14 lbs. When he was found he only weighed 7 lbs so it's wonderful to see he has doubled his weight in only 2 months. He loves to be talked to and responds with baby noises.  He is not yet learned to sit on his own.

Davids bed was a gift from Linda Wise. We purchased it here and it is Rwandan. He will soon out grow out of it, but we will use it for other babies yet to come.

David's Motor Car

Crossing the lines. Crossing the lines.

David is no longer on Pascazee’s back but has transportation of his own. He loves the new found freedom and so do those who no longer have to work with this big boy on their backs. He is pushing it with his feet and getting all kinds of help from his brothers and sisters.