Before We Begin, A Simple Request

We have some wonderful stories and updates to share for everything that happened in October, but before we get started, I have a simple request.

I know the economy in the United States and much of the world is hurting.  It is clearly affecting our donations.  If you can, please continue to contribute to our work as best you can.  As an all-volunteer project, every dollar you donate has a very real impact.

If you can't help us financially, we have a different request: help us find more supporters.  A little goes a long long way out here in Rwanda.  If we can find more people who can give just a little each, it will quickly add up to make sure we can take care of our wonderful children.

And remember, donations are tax deductable.  So, if you know anyone who makes end-of-year contributions to charities that help them with their taxes, please tell them about Hope Made Real.

A Perfect Example of a Little Going a Long Long Way

It only costs $15 to send a child to school for an entire year.  Last year, we sent 250 needy children to school.  This year, we would like to raise that number to 300.  To support an entire year of a child's education, simply put "education" as a note on your donation.


Donations can be made online or sent to:

Hope Made Real
Dr Patricia Brown, Tres.
301 Overdale Road
Pittsburgh, Pa 15221

Education-specific donations need to be made by December 15th in order to reach Rwanda before Jan 1st 2009.