Exciting Message from Arlene in Rwanda

"OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD" Today September 10th we learned even more what an awesome God we have. As you know and are a witness to it's purchase, the land we have bought is beautiful. The land above ours and to the right of our property is even more beautiful. The top of the hill has a view that takes your breath away. It is the perfect place for a Guest House or a House of Worship. The Lord Will decide which. That land was earmarked for a hotel by important men in government. Our President Paul Kagame is one of the group. God did not let that happen any more than he let the Friends Fellowship build a church on the land we now own. That land was being guarded for us. As you know we needed more land because we are going to have a Nursery School, a Primary School and one day a Secondary School with Dorms. God knows, maybe a university. We will not limit what God can do. John and I had a meeting today September 10th with the spokesperson of the group. I shared with him the vision for the land we now have and expressed an interest in the land to the top of the hill. We shared with him about the schools, the playground for the children and community, the guest house built to house teams and visitors, the Chapel where all would be welcomed to worship, the chicken house for income and most important cottages for the children we now have and those yet to be added. He listened to my proposels and looked at the project blue print and agreed to let us purchase the land. I asked for the hill top and God gave us the whole land. This was way beyond my expectations. He said he had authorization to speak for the group and because he believed we were there working to make life better for the children and the community we could have the land at the price they paid for it. I am thinking the top of the hill. This man was offering the whole parcel. That was when he asked would I be interested in all the land with a token payment and an article of agreement. I could not believe my ears. "God is Good." With this land our land will be about ten times the size it was. The price is 35 million RWF. which is about $70,000 USD. Yes it is a lot of money here but with God all things are possible. We can take the time we need to pay for it. The present need is for $20,000 as soon as possible to bind the deal. I am putting my life savings into this God directed project and I know I will not be alone as I pray others will open their hearts and want to help. It would be a blessing to have 6 millionaires who love the Lord. "God in Charge." I do not have 6 millionaires, not even one, but I know the widow's mite is greatly valued in the eyes of God. Working together we can serve God and the children. Each giving our mite can make a difference. Thank you for what I know will be a great future for the children at Urukundo Home for Children. Shalom Arlene Arlene D Brown BP 179 Founder Urukundo Home for Children Muhanga District, Rwanda Cell 08769422