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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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Greetings from Urukundo Village for September 2014

September has been an interesting month with some good and some not so good.

I guess that would be considered normal in this place and time.  I wondered what I would have to write about this September.  Each month I think there is going to be nothing to write about until I start to write and there it is.

HMR Board member:

This month's visitor is very special. He is a board member for HMR and this was his first visit to Urukundo.  We are so blessed. The kids love Tom Nunnally.  He is the perfect grandfather image for them. It was a struggle to see who would sit next to him in Worship.

Tom showing the kids where he lives on our world map.



This Picture and Article is such a Happy Surprise!

An unexpected and very welcome visitor came to see me this month after 5 years of silence.  I was so happy to see her. Many of you will remember this young girl. He name is Delphine Uwingabire. She needed serious surgery to save her life.

Do you remember

She came to Urukundo in 2009 for help. Her story touched our hearts.  We reached out and you provided funds for her time in the hospital and her surgery. The surgery was successful and today I welcomed a healthy young girl. It was such a delight to see the happy smile and the twinkle in her eyes. We sometimes wonder if what we provided funds for was ever done. A picture is worth a thousand words. This girl’s smiling face is a testimony to your love and mine making a difference when it was needed.

Thank you and thank God for the blessing of this wonderful day and this beautiful girl’s life.


Education Improvement

Knowing how important good English is to the future of Rwanda and the business world we have taken a big step to be sure we are doing our best in Urukundo Learning Center.

Having an English teacher to teach the children is not enough. Every teacher no matter what subject is in fact teaching English good or bad. The children copy the teachers and so it is equally important the teachers improve their English to better help our children.

We have been blessed by a professor who teaches English in a local university and has come to Urukundo Learning Center as a volunteer in our school system.

He will be head of our English program for both our regular school program and for adult education.

He is looking forward to working with other volunteers who come to help improve English skills at the Learning Center and in the community.

Education background:

Diploma in Business studies.Certificate in Education. Certificate for teaching English both spoken and written.  Computer training. Microsoft, Excel, and Internet.

Five mornings a week Felix teaches an English class for teachers and office personnel. In the afternoon he teaches 2 classes. One for Basic English to beginners and a second class of conversational English to advanced students. These classes are offered not only to our staff but also to the community. His classes consist of reading, writing, grammar and speaking. 

Felix Nshimyumuremyi  M.B.A.  B.B.A. has joined our staff.

One class group for basic English.


Changes at Urukundo Village

Maggie who was coordinator for our school is now a businesswoman. She has opened a shop where she hopes to start a career that will provide a wage for herself and her child.

Maggie goes from being an employee to working at Urukundo Village as a volunteer. It is good to know we are not losing Maggie because she is loved by the children and will continue to work with them.


Graduation Exercise

Secondary school - left to right.

Divine, Abis, Lucie, Mama, big brother Etienne and Gisele.  A day to remember.

Lucie and her classmate.

Gisele and Divine marched in together - or rather they danced in together!

It was a very impressive ceremony!