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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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Newsletter for March

With all the activity here, I am also preparing to go home to visit friends and family. It is a pleasure I am looking forward to. Imagine 2 months and 9 days in the US. I hope you will all welcome me and be as glad to see me, as I will be to see you.

My schedule is here.

We had several interesting visitors this month but having two members of the Hope Made Real board arrive was the best.

Marilyn Ely & Carol Falke are no longer considered visitors - this is five years for both of them. They bring lots of goodies for Urukundo Kids, Urukundo Learning Center and Urukundo Dental Initiative.

A new toothbrush for every Urukundo Kid. The deal was they brought the old one to mama and received a new one.

Carol set forth a challenge to youth in her area. 1000 toothbrushes in a month for Urukundo kids and Dental Community kids. The challenge was more than met the collected over 2000 brushes and we are the benefactor. We not only can now give toothbrushes to all children but also adults.

Marilyn is a favorite with the kids. She and her colleague Meridith Bakke heard our cry for backpacks and the kids were delighted to receive and parade with their new backpacks.  The old ones were in bad shape.


Assisting, Sharing and Teaching Teachers

Timothy Shea was a delightful fit with the kids.

Tim was here to become involved in the ongoing project to give aid to our teachers. Assisting, Sharing & Teaching Teachers is an important vision at Urukundo Learning Center. We look forward to a closer relationship with Tim and his Team players.


News from the Farm

The cowboys were delighted when a young woman chose to work on the farm as her volunteer project at Urukundo. Abby came prepared with a pair of  knee high black boots. Not exactly the latest fashion design but served the purpose.

Abby learned to walk down steep uneven steps  keeping her balance. Those steps are a bit much for me but I tackle them at least once a week on the arm of one of the boys.

Abby gathered eggs.

Milked a cow.

And earned the respect of all the farm staff.

She did not come a farmer, but she is leaving with a new respect for the farm and the hard work involved in caring for animals that are so important to our well being.


Meet Sarah

Sarah is a colleague of Abby. Both girls are students from HOUGHTON COLLEGE. Houghton College is in New York State USA, near Buffulo I am told. The girls came to Urukundo through through the NGO 'GO ED'.

Travis and Anna Hall, Student Life Coordinators, are doing a wonderful job placing students from the US in posts where the life experience is a learning experience and in some cases a life changing one.

Sarah is ministerial student and was a delight.  Even though her passion is divinity she worked the Dental Initiative each morning, the school in the afternoon and devotions in the evening with the kids.  She braved the language barrier and did a sermon one Sunday morning.

Sarah and translator Tresor.

Pastor Antoine was delighted with Sarah and her speaking ability.

Sarah with Claudine and Rebekah in Hope House at play.

Sarah helping Divine fill out forms. Sarah is a multi-talented girl. I believe her calling fits her well.


Town Meeting

A town meeting at the Embassy was also an occasion to meet the new ambassador. I was honored to meet and talk with AMBASSADOR ERICA BARK-RUGGLES.  She is a lovely lady and was accepting of a hug from this mama. She represents the USA very well.

Welcome Ambassador.