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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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November at Urukundo

November started of with a bang. A dental team of 3 came for 3½ days to take part in our dental program and also work with our head dentist Edmund at Kabgayi Hospital Clinic.

Brittany did scaling at our facility while the other two worked with fillings at Kabgayi. During her days here 34 patients were cared for and the kids got lots of love. During her stay with us she received a new name. She said jokingly with the kids 'My name is Potato' because they were having trouble remembering Brittany!  So her Urukundo name is Potato. I suppose she is a white potato. For sure she is a sweet potato!

Charmaine and Troy Michelson and Brittany made a super team. They are very special people. Troy played piggy back with the kids the night they arrived. That was fun especially for the kids. I think they called him a horse. This was play our kids had not experienced before!


Thanksgiving Greetings

The time goes so fast. I think it has something to do with age. There are never enough days in the week and yet some days are too long.

Urukundo moves along at an amazing rate.  Soon it will be 2015.

Time to think about the month just passed. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here at Urukundo but we have so much to be thankful for. I do hope all of you who celebrate the day had a great day - enjoyed Macy's Christmas Parade, family, lots of good food and football.

The people I am most thankful for and in a list of their own include:

The members of my family in the USA who continue to love me and support my ministry in Rwanda.

The list here at Urukundo Village begins and there is no end.

1. Sponsors are at the top of the list.

I am so thankful for the faithful sponsors who make this ministry possible. We depend on our sponsors in order for us to care for our children.

2. Our children are in good health.

In a big way this is due to the vitamins they receive every day - thanks to gifts from our generous donors.

3. The rains have been good and our vegetable gardens are producing. Celery has been added to my garden this season. I am delighted that it grows. I’m not quite sure how the stalks develop but I will learn.

4. National exams are over.  Senior 3 and senior 6 students are waiting for grades.

5. Tresor has finished his testing for the Mastercard Scholarship.  Now it is a matter of time until we learn the results.    

6. Benita has a sponsor.

This is just a little of what I have to be thankful for at Urukundo.


Mission Outreach


November and December are the months of giving thanks and giving of gifts. The gift of education is a gift that never stops giving.

Please keep the Education Fund in your heart. We can help local children in need of an education, but whose  parents have too little income and struggle to feed and clothe them. Your gift helps Urukundo Learning Center provide education for these wonderful children. $15 is a small amount but makes a big difference for the children here.


Shopping at AMAZON for Christmas?  Check out AMAZON SMILE. Name your favorite charity and while you make shopping simple for yourself, reach out and help others. You are going to spend the money any why not make it a double gift.  Both HOPE MADE REAL and SPIRITWORKS (our partner in ministry) are listed among those charities.



Photo Gallery for November

Five of our Secondary kids finished High School this year. A lot depends on the scores made in the National exams where their future lies. We can make a difference.  A gift to the EDUCATION FUND is one way you can help these kids obtain higher education and a brighter future.

Because you cared this group of young adults dare to dream. Their dreams for the future are do-able. Can you help make it happen?  

Anett hopes to be accepted at Akilah Institute for women.

Lucie, Her dream is to become a pastor and serve in ministering to others.

Divine has a heart for aviation and is applying to Nairobi Aviation College Flying School.

Esperance wants to go into the field of medicine. KHI (Kigali Health Institute) Medical or Dental.

Alexander's future lies in Computer Technology and Computer Science. KIST for his Bachelors and Carnagie Mellon Rwanda for his Masters.



Their goals are within reach with your help. Funding is needed. Check out the web sites for these schools and see where your heart leads you.


Dental Initiative Report and Reliable Electricity

Have you ever experienced this? You are at the dentist. Sitting in the chair having a cavity in your molar repaired and the electricity goes out. You wait for four hours for the electricity to come back on so the dentist can finish the job and you can go home.  Not at all a pleasant experience but it can and did happen here. Is there a solution? Yes there is.


This yellow container (a generator!) cured the problem. Our dental patients no longer have to be concerned about the loss of electricity. Thanks to a gift from a mission-minded person we now have a generator that comes on when the electricity goes out so that work can continue. The generator serves multiple purposes. It is big enough to supply emergency electricity to the farm, kitchen, children’s homes, Nursery, and residence. What a blessing.

The electricity goes off in our area between 6 and 9 pm on a regular basis. These are the dark hours in Urukundo Village. Daylight is gone.

6:30 is also the exact time the evening meal is served to the children. Eating by candlelight or flashlight may be romantic in some cultures but for little kids it is no fun.  The generator is set up to provide cover for the essential buildings. The houses where the children eat and play and have devotions in the evenings are included in the network. Thanks to this wonderful gift our children no longer eat and spend the evening in darkness. Because of our supportive friends in Rotary dependable light has come in to our lives.