Making room

Changes take place very fast at Urukundo Village.

Trying to keep up with new government regulations can be stressful.

Removing our sewing school from its present location on the main road into the campus was such a challenge. The move had to be made in three days.

The new location was not ready as the funding and building were mainly in the talking stage. Only the retaining wall is in place at the projected location for the sewing school classrooms.


The only house large enough for the transition was the present home for boys.

Due to government regulations moving children into foster families, the number of boys in the home has been and will continue to be reduced. Moving the boys to a smaller dwelling took place very quickly.

Proximity to former boys house on the left and sports fields above.

It is a good house, and the boys love the new house.

Mama and Baby Project

Mama and three little girls came to Mama & Baby Project for help. Thanks to so many of you, we can help. The big girls like their new clothes. Lookin’ good. Baby is 3 months.  She also received clothing for her age and size. Mama’s front porch is the distribution center. Love it.
We are careful to remember the other children in a family and give them something also. Don’t want hard feelings when the  baby gets gifts and others don’t. Learned that from being the mom of five.
This little one is a first child, and mama is so happy with a gift of clothes. The baby girl’s name is Belise.
This little premie is loved by her mummy and Urukundo. Her mother came back to say thank you. I share that thanks with all of you.

Latest look at Urukundo

Bringing you, our friends up-to-date on development at the Urukundo Learning Center.

You have made this possible. Thank you.

Overview of Urukundo Learning Center
Top Level: Preschool, Kindergarten, Culture Center (brown roof), retaining wall site of future classrooms for the technical school for sewing, Cleared, leveled and ready to start building foundation. Water storage reservoir.
Second Level: Classrooms for Primary 1, 2, and 3.
Third Level:  Restrooms for boys and girls. Funded by World Orphans Fund. Red Roof: Teachers Resource Center, Music Center.
Fourth Level: Classrooms for Primary 4, 5 and 6.
Black water tanks on three levels.

Photos by Jean Marie 

The second photo provides a closer look at a portion of the compound.

Space and construction begin for four classrooms to move the Sewing Center. The retaining wall indicates where the new classrooms will be constructed. I’m looking forward to when the Sewing Center will be part of this picture. The Sewing Center now is in a rented space which is scheduled to be demolished when a new road is completed. It is urgent we get the center moved into a new building before that happens.

In process: Clearing done, Leveling done, Retaining wall built. Need funding for foundation and construction. To construct one classroom costs $25,000, or $100,000 for four built at separate times.. To build four at a time, the cost is less than $75,000. A savings of over $25,000. Our aim is to build at lowest cost for quality work.

Would you like to help? Gifts appreciated.

Friends have responded to what has been built so far. Friend Lisa in Switzerland said, “You have built a dream many only talk about….Pretty sure that’s heaven there.  So well done, Mama.”

Friend Drew from the USA said, “Quite a learning center indeed!  Great photos!”

More on Mama and Baby Project


Urukundo’s Mama and Baby Project was so pleased to get a new supply of newborn items from friends in Pennsylvania, USA. They reached us via a suitcase carried by a Rwandan student who was returning home from Penn State University. The items are so needed. We even received hand-knit baby sweaters and hats. So much love!

Other wonderful gifts to us are the reusable nylon bags from ChicoBag, which has given us 100 bags each year for the last four years.They are gifts that keep on giving and are used by the mamas after they are home. They serve many purposes.


March 2018 Newsletter

Do you remember the stone path in an article in the March 2012 newsletter? Look it up.
It still applies today in March 2018 as it did in 2012.

The stone path has grown from five stones to many stones and has been moved to the outside boundary to have enough space. It is a great way to honor contributions to education.

Help us continue to provide quality education where it is needed most. We will build a new path to the secondary school (high school) with your stone and a substantial gift of $1,000 or more for construction of the school.

The amount needed for the new high school for more than 700 students is very high ñ US$300,000. No one church and most individuals cannot afford such a gift, but if all could give what they can afford, it would be a big help in reaching our goal of providing quality education to the vulnerable children in Rwanda.

Give from your heart. Help to build the future.


Another Thank You

Christmas was extra special for our children, thanks to St. Paul's United Methodist Church, State College, Pa., USA. Over 100 bags were hand-decorated and filled with precious gifts for the children in Urukundo Village, Binunga Community of Muhanga, Rwanda.

Rowan Miller is one of the wonderful kids in the toddlerís class at St. Paulís Sunday School. They are sharing. The toddlers, moms and dads were an inspiration. Little ones willing to share with other little ones is what the love of Christ and Christmas is all about. These bags also can be used as backpacks for the younger children and for delivering infant clothing to new mamas passing through the MAMA & BABY OUTREACH.
Thank you, St. Paulís and all who made this special time even more special for over 700 children who shared the bags of blessings in a small town in Rwanda. You are a blessing to us.

Our kids were so excited.

Catch the Vision



Help make 2018 outstanding for Urukundo/ Hope Made Real. Your love and your gifts can make it happen.

Large and small donations can make it possible.





A grant for the full amount would be a HOPE MADE REAL. Donations of any amount leading toward the total amount needed would be appreciated.  Need a tax break?  Give it to a worthwhile project furthering education for needy children.  All donations are “TAX DEDUCTIBLE”

We already have the necessary permission to build from the District. We own the land on which we'll build our High School.  This Learning Center is so needed by the community.

Blueprints and itemized costs are available for viewing upon request.

Our contractor will answer any questions.

We will keep you informed as progress is made - prayers and funding please.