Arlene in Rwanda August 2007 Newsletter

Volume #4 July/August Newsletter

Greetings Sisters, Brothers, and Other Partners in mission.
July has been a wonderful month with visitors from Pennsylvania. Our visitors from America included Ms. Marilyn Ely from the Williamsport District of the United Methodist Church and Rev. Sharon Landis from the Altoona District of the UMC. They witnessed the deed signing of the new site of the URUKUNDO HOME FOR CHILDREN, were guests at the Liberation Day Celebration that marks the end of the Genocide, worshipped with Christians of different faiths, and taught and played with the children. Six of our boys and I enjoyed traveling to the Akagere National Park in Rwanda to see Zebra, Topi, Impala, Giraffe, and Cape Buffalo. I had a fight with a baboon and, believe it or not, I won. It was one of those times when you don't know what you are doing until after it is over. Yes, it could have been serious and God is kept busy looking out for me. This baboon left some black and blue marks and a bad memory, but there no permanent harm done.
The purchase of the land is is the newest development in the ministry here in Rwanda. I am praying that those back home will catch the dream and want to be a part of this 'God happening". I thank the couple who gave the money for the land to build. They took a step of faith and believe, with me, that it is "God in Charge". I know this is God’s plan and that God will provide. Yet, there are times when I tremble at the magnitude of the task. It continues to grow in faith and my spirit knows I must not put a limit on the awesome plans of God.
Our next step is to acquire an official Project Permit from the Sector. This requires a general plan for land development. A Rwandese Technician and Architect has measured the land and looked at the vision God has given and is now working out dimensions. Of course, in order not to limit God, we already see that we need more land.
Now, I need your input. Here is the initial basic vision. Our first project: is the chicken house. Sam is a Christian architect and builder who works with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). He has measured the land and is drafting a proposal for a the hilly section of the property. He will level the land and use the fill to make bricks for the base of the structure. Locals will be employed which will help the economy. We will use Core Stone a local commodity, for the foundation. Other building materials have strange names: lake sand, swamp sand and stone aggregates. The project will also use spades, hoes, wheel barrows, nails and bricks. This equipment can also be used when we build the cottages for the children. After our initial investment the chicken house will be an income source for further construction and maintenance of the Home for Children.
Our second project is the garden. We must clear and terrace the land to prepare it for planting immediately before the rainy season. Seeds can be purchased here, but I would like to try some seeds from the United States. I need some help from farmers back home who will come to my assistance with advise.. and perhaps even seeds. We need to grow vegetables and fruit for our children. We also hope someone will help us to purchase a cow, thus eliminating the need to buy powdered milk for the children.
Our third project are the cottages for children. We will pursue the construction as God provides. Our architect, Immanuel Hitmana, is a Christian and Rwandese. It would be great to find an American architect to come and work with him. Combining American know-how and local wisdom could make it happen. In the meantime we will continue to house the children in the current rental properties that you so graciously provide with your contributions.
Please continue to pray for me and all the vulnerable children in Rwanda and through out the world. There are so many. If you would like to be a partner with me in mission I would be happy to welcome you as would my Lord. Gifts can be sent to the mission through:
Spiritworks-Rwanda Fund
823 West Cremona St
Seattle, Washington 98119
Rwanda Support
Saint Johns-Newberry UMC
2101 Newberry Street
Williamsport Pa 17701
If you wish is to work with one particular project add a note to your letter. A memo on your check is not enough. It can be overlooked by the counters.

Support for my personal support can be sent to:
823 West Cremona St.
Seattle, WA 98119
Spiritworks is a non-profit Christian Foundation. Statements, sent on a regular basis, can be used for an exemption on tax returns.
I pray that God will continue to bless you and yours every day walkas you walk with Christ. Shalom, Arlene

Arlene D Brown
BP 179
Founder Urukundo Home for Children
Muhanga District, Rwanda
Cell 08769422